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Tessa Rose Therapy

About Me

I hold a Master of Arts in Process Oriented Facilitation and Conflict Studies from Process Work Institute in Portland, OR. I provide mental health counseling in Portland and the surrounding area to folks of all races, genders, sexualities, life and psychological experiences, bodies, and abilities. I am passionate about working with clients who may experience depression, anxiety, transitions and transformations, and with the queer community.

I believe that everyone is capable of making positive changes in their lives. My mission is to help clients reach their fullest potential by providing a safe and supportive space. Through my services, I help my clients to learn to empower themselves, conquer their inner critic, and learn to live in love.

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With a Process Oriented approach, I specialize in holistic methods of counseling, which means I that take into consideration the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects of wellbeing. I help my clients gain personal insight, discover their unique strengths, and ultimately create a life filled with joy and fulfillment.

In addition to talking, I integrate Process Work techniques including dreamwork, exploring body symptoms, using creativity, and expanding awareness. My approach to counseling is unfolding what happens in the present moment. I aim to work with my clients on self love and reconnecting to the feeling of what it means to be at home and at peace. 


Work Environment

I offer a free fifteen minute online consultation to prospective clients. Please reach out in the contact form below or by phone to schedule. 

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Individual counseling sessions are fifty minutes and billed on a sliding scale based on income. Please use the scheduling link above to book a session. 

Happy Couple

I work with couples for fifty minute sessions that are billed on a sliding scale based on joint income. Please use the scheduling link above to book a session. 

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